The new year brings new changes, new challenges, and new everything. As we embark on a fresh journey of 2023, we need to adapt to the modern technology and fresh perspectives to survive the ever-evolving audience behaviour and marketing trends. 

Hundreds of trends emerge every year out of which only a few are worth pursuing. Now the question is which marketing trends should you utilise to kick start this new year on the right track?


Here’s all you need to know:


  • Youth marketing

More than 50% of the population in India is under the age of 25, and 40% of the global consumer population is youth. They are the generation that has grown up with the internet and is not likely to be convinced by average marketing. They don’t want compelling ads that would persuade them to buy the product.

They relate to companies because of their shared values and what they think those brands can achieve for them. The youth market is important not only because of their purchasing power but also because of their influence on the spending of family members.

They want brands to take initiative, be sustainable, and stand up for social causes; 82% of shoppers want a brand’s values to align with their own. Brands have to target their marketing according to the values and behaviours of this generation, like using colourful aesthetics or vibrant creatives, talking about social causes, while making the content relatable to the audience.


  • Add a human touch 

People react to people; it’s about building a personal bond with the consumer. Humanising your brand means personalising the way you communicate, adding emotions to your brand message, and going the extra mile to make people feel that connection. It could also mean introducing a brand ambassador who can act as the face of your brand and flesh out the brand personality. 

There could also be a mascot or character that is consistent throughout the marketing. The marketing message you are trying to convey should also be relevant so that it will make people feel connected to your brand. In the highly competitive market of today, it is a necessity to establish and develop that connection with your customers. 


  • Audio-first marketing

Jingles have been used in ads for a long time, and we still recall some of them. That is the effect audio marketing has on the customer’s behaviour. Sound is everything. Music, podcasts, audio—be it anything—sound is a crucial part of our lives.

With audio having more potential than ever to blow up and start trends, it has never been more important. How can you start marketing in audio? Audio ads on radio or music apps or podcasts and more. It’s not necessary to have advanced knowledge to create an audio message, such as a jingle, podcast, or straightforward message. Also, when it comes to money, audio marketing is an affordable and effective option to engage your audience. 


  • AV product marketing

An average user sees hundreds of pieces of static imagery online in a day; how will your brand’s marketing stand out to them? Audiovisual marketing has more chances of engaging the audience, as it uses various senses to make the audience feel immersed.

According to research, people prefer watching videos to reading text because it grabs their attention and compels them to act. One of the company’s key objectives is to establish a strong relationship with its target market. Audio-visual content is more likely to make the audience feel different emotions and express the main message more effectively than a static advertisement possibly can.  

With 54% of consumers choosing to watch video material over all other forms, it is the most preferred form of content. Furthermore, 83% of businesses agree that this type of content provides a better return on investment than any other type of content. 

Audiovisual content can range from creating short videos for social media to making a digital space for the audience to interact on Metaverse. 


  • Realist influencer marketing

It’s the era of micro-influencers! There has been an increase in the number of influencers who focus on certain niche types of content and are more professional in that field. 

These influencers have a dedicated audience that trusts the influencer’s recommendations because their authentic content makes them appear more trustworthy. The relatable content from these influencers would draw attention and create a bond with the viewer, making them comparatively more effective and affordable than celebrity endorsements. Therefore, even with the smallest following, there is scope to make an impact on the audience.


Now that you know the top 5 digital marketing trends, take your marketing game to the next level by implementing them!


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